Green Cities of YOUth

Increasing the role of young people in the development of sustainable cities





Initial Youth Meeting, Bucharest

The Youth Exchange ‘Green Cities of Youth’ that took place in Hotel Yesterday, Bucharest between 12th - 18th of July 2023 equipped 24 youth participants from Germany, Romania and Spain with green competences as the following environmental awareness, culture for innovation, sustainable entrepreneurship and active communication skills. The project empowered young people through their involvement in the process of environmental improvement in their localities, using environmental awareness as a tool for integrating this group, it allowed the participants to share the environmental context of their countries with their peers focusing on problems, possible solutions and good practices and raised the awareness of the participants about their own consumption.

As a result, the participants proposed and made their own program for local activities and workshops that promote sustainable practices such as: raising awareness about the importance of sustainable practices in daily life and exchanging ideas about how to integrate more sustainable practices in our lives; promoting biodiversity in the community, recycle clothes workshop or how-to zero-waste management in one’s personal life and practices though the delivery of information and hands-on practices. Moreover, the participants made video raising awareness campaigns about sustainable practices, the importance of insects and environmental problems, one of them being posted on the pages of social media of the organisations.

Some intercultural and fun activities were included to ensure the the deeper connection and exchange of the participants.