Green Cities of YOUth

Increasing the role of young people in the development of sustainable cities





Green Tourism

Making the green areas near municipalities accessible in sustainable ways

Green or sustainable tourism is a form of tourism that focuses on minimizing the impact on the environment and promoting sustainable practices. Green tourism seeks to balance the economic benefits of tourism with the need to protect the natural and cultural resources of a destination. Green tourism can benefit both tourists and the local communities they visit. For tourists, green tourism provides an opportunity to experience nature and cultural heritage in a responsible and sustainable way. For local communities, green tourism can provide economic benefits and promote environmental and cultural preservation. Green tourism includes several forms of practices or activties such as reducing transport-related carbon emissions, reducing waste, implementation of water conservation measures, use of local and organic food and promotion of nature hikes and trails.

Costs: €€ - €€€ (may include larger infrastructural costs and marketing costs)