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Disco Soup

Joint cooking event with leftover ingredients

"Disco Soup" is playful, joint, usually public cooking event, which is organised like a party around turning food waste into delicious meals. It is based on the "Disco soupe" movement in Paris which started in March 2012 and today is even celebrating an annual "World Disco Soup Day" as the largest collective effort to combat food waste and climate change. It is an event to cook, eat and dance together, showing a fun way to save food, but also to seriously reflect on the amount that goes to waste and on the solutions we all have at hand. Disco Soup events encourage people to buy the "ugly" vegetables and food that is about to go to waste; to learn how to store veggies so that they last longer, to cook zero-waste, to preserve food to last longer, to learn how to use left-overs, to eat more plant based and to share recipes.

Costs: €