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Nature Science Week for School Children

Scientific and technical education for kids

Children are taken for a week to nature where the learning is done through innate learning motivation of Children. The basic concept of the program is to allow Children to pursure their own questions, encountering surrounding nature and environment exploringly and on own accord - to figure out the secrets and natural phenomens. The goal is to move away from rigid arrangements and expectations to independent discovery and learning. During the Nature Science Week, the Children are brought to a location that is close to nature (a farm, tree nursery, forest, countryside etc), where the first 2 days are dedicated to getting a brief overview of each of the activities and the last 3 days to be immersed to one area. The students fill daily out a diary (what was done? What was especially important for you? What questions do you already have? Suggestion to draw a picture, compose a poem are song etc. In the closing circle these questions are shared and that leads to the students answering: how does it continue for you?) and their projects are presented on the last day. One of the core learning idea is the reversed learning mechanism: not to have a knowledge first and then apply/find it in nature, but to observe/do something in nature and then find out why is it so.

Costs: €-€€ (learning materials)