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Walking Bus

Safe way to school for young children

The Walking Bus is designed to encourage people from a specific demographic in the community to walk together to a centralised location, for example, it could support older people to walk to a day centre. The bus can run to and from the location on a regular and reliable basis so that the bus becomes an event that participants will look forward to and want to get involved with. It can be managed by volunteers. Engaging in regular walks encourages physical activity and social interaction, helping those who may be dealing with stress or anxiety. Pedibus is a similiar concept for Children in the same school/kindergarden when the new school year begins (recommended 4-6 weeks). Like a bus, the Pedibus collects Children at specific spots and at specific times. Accompanied by a volunteered leader (grownup), the group leads the walks to school.

Costs: €-€€ (costs depends on availabilty of volunteers (incl project leader) and other cost such as flyers, travel costs for volunteers)