Green Cities of YOUth

Increasing the role of young people in the development of sustainable cities





Green Mapping

Citizens explore and share "green aspects"

The making of the original Green Map in New York City was inspired by the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992. The purpose was to draw attention to every green project, policy and place in town, and encourage people to utilise them for community wellbeing and a healthier, lower impact life. That first "Green Apple Map" gave everyone a fresh perspective on New York and inspired other environmental groups, local communities, universities etc. to explore their neighbourhood as well and map the available resources of green living and sustainability. Making a Green Map is usually a collaborative, locally-led project, organised by a core team and involving the wider community in the process. An interactive mapping platform of Green Map Network supports interested mapmapers with specific graphics and icons which have recently been matched with Sustainable Development Goals as well. Besides the learning effect for the mapmapers, Green Maps are untimatley to inform residents, tourists, students, planners, policy makers or other kinds of users.

Costs: €-.. (costs can include staff, printing, events, marketing, etc)