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Bike Cinema or Disco

Pedal-powered energy

Bike cinema is a unique concept that involves using bicycles to power a mobile cinema. The idea behind bike cinema is to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of showing films in indoor locations, such as schools or outdoor locations, such as parks, beaches, and other public spaces. The bike cinema setup typically consists of a projector, a sound system, and a stationary bicycle that has been converted into a generator. The audience members take turns pedaling the bicycle to generate the power needed to run the projector and sound system. Bike cinema events can be organised by community groups, schools, or non-profit organisations as a way to promote environmental awareness and community engagement. The events can also be used as a platform to showcase local films and documentaries, as well as to host discussions and workshops on environmental and social issues. In addition to being a fun and interactive way to watch movies, bike cinema promotes the use of sustainable energy sources and encourages people to consider alternative modes of transportation, such as cycling.

Costs: €€€ - between 1200€ und 1600€ rental costs for equipment (power generators, screen or turntables), possibly additional fees for screening rights or DJanes, room rent etc.